REMOTE TRIBAL MISSION is a non-profit, independent, indigenous organization dedicated to serving the marginalized Children and Community of TELANGANA (STATE),India.

Established in 2005, REMOTE TRIBAL MISSION has grown to embrace the issues of community development activities, women empowerment, promotion of education and health with nutritional care, spiritual empowerment, and advocacy for those in extreme poverty with its mission to help children and families build a sustainable future.


We are committed to rescue orphans and destitute children, widows who are neglected and abandoned, and broken families of India; to bring them to secure facilities where they can gain an education and learn a trade to better support themselves. We rescue girls who are at extremely high risk of being sold into human trafficking or being left to survive on their own abandoned in incredibly inhumane living conditions. In these efforts, the goal of RTM is to raise up a generation of children in India to know that they can have a future to give them the opportunities they need through good nutrition, education, shelter and training so that they can live a better life and make a positive difference in the communities in which they live.



Our motto abides with our mission statement “Love, Serve, and Grow Together to make life more beautiful and meaningful”. Our motivation is to dedicate ourselves to the upbringing of all the children. We strive to bring in discipline which is the most important quality when we look at the life of any individual.

Discipline is much more important than sacrifice says the Bible (I Samuel 15:22). The good news is all about giving the best and showing the best way. We are empowered and motivated by the love of Jesus and we invite you to join in our mission.




    1. To construct new churches, repair old churches, promote evangelism, Religious and theological, socio economic, charitable, other types of institutions.
    2. To support for pastors and their families spreading the sweet word of God and Establishing Bible colleges, conducting open air Gospel Meetings in Andhra Pradesh state, National& International with like minded organizations/Ministries.
    3. To work for the prisoners with jail ministry as well as outreach ministries in the name of Jesus Christ.
    4. To help and provide assistance to all sections in general and weakest sections in particular like destitute, widows, handicaps, uncared old aged and fatherless children/orphan and integrated rural development, irrespective of caste, creed and colour.
    5. To provide financial help for marriage of poor and needy girls and boys and also for house building and provide self-employment to widows, handicaps, destitute, orphans and who live below the poverty line.
    6. To provide help for the poor and needy school going children for their fees, uniform, books, stationary, etc.
    7. To arrange free medical camps, medical awareness programmes, conferences, Literacy classes and to provide medical assistance for needy people;
    8. To unite and organize indigenous independent full gospel workers to evangelism India
    9. To hold gospel campaign and crusades.
    10. To publish and distribute charts, maps, periodicals, tracts, magazines, booklets, Christian literature, etc.
    11. To conduct vacation Bible schools for children and youth& establish musical teams and Audio and Video ministry.
    12. To conduct meetings, crusades, seminars and conventions pertaining to educational, medical and religious purposes;